Requirements for documents

The applicant must adhere to the following requirements: 

- all documents must be presented with copies in the specified quantity. Unless otherwise specified, a copy of all pages of the document is required, including apostille and translation;

- when applying for a visa, invitations must be presented in originals;

- when performing notarial actions, it is necessary to present an identity document;

- seals, stamps and signatures in the copy of the document must be readable, correspond to the quality of the original document;

- the copied document must be completely placed within the sheet, without displacement beyond its borders;

- when handling applications from several family members, the necessary copies must be provided separately with each application;

- documents issued by a foreign state must be apostilled / legalized (the procedure for processing documents issued in other states is determined by international treaties of the Republic of Belarus);

- documents drawn up in a foreign language (at least partially) must be translated into Belarusian or Russian;

- the translator's signature must be notarially authorized;

- the translation must contain the entire text of the original document, the translator or the customer is not entitled to shorten the translated text;

- the same names and titles in the target language must be the same in all submitted documents;

- translation of names in foreign documents must match the spelling of names in documents issued in the Republic of Belarus;

- applications and questionnaires must be completed in advance;

- all fields of applications and questionnaires must be filled in — no gaps.

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